The London Psychology Collective – Addendum

After yesterday’s post about the London Psychology Collective; I received the following message from Richard Clarke, that contained some extra information about The Collective:

“Cheers Paul very nice of you to give us a plug, I’ll add also that I you do happen to be around the London area we organise trip, events and a monthly pub social so keep an eye out and come say hi sometime. That link again is: ”

So, there you have it! I certainly hope to be making it down to meet them at some point and I hope you will also!


About theoreticalnovelty

Masters Psychology Graduate who researched the short- and long-term memories of my fellow chess players. Interested in reading about philosophy, physics, psychology, religion and alternative medicine. Am a keen and highly enthusiastic member of The Skeptic and Humanist Communities and have been the guest speaker for five 'Skeptics in the Pub' branches and The Humanist Society of West Yorkshire. I am aiming to become much more seriously involved in both the Skeptic and Humanist communities. I am also available to talk to schools, businesses and other organisations on matters relating to psychology, evolution vs. creationism/intelligent design and the role that chess can play in education. If anyone wishes to contact me, they can reach me at, on facebook at and on Twitter under the handle Hoppers163 - I very much look forward to hearing from you!
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