The London Psychology Collective

Apologies for the extreme gap between this blog post and my last one. This is due to more reasons than I care to remember. Hopefully I am back in business now and that the frequency of posts will be back to normal asap.

I have book reviews to write, talks type about and various matters regarding scientific research to catch up with. However, let’s get re-started with something topical.

An old undergraduate colleague of mine, Richard Clarke, has helped to set up the excellent group ‘The London Psychology Collective’ ; and you can find out more about them at . Essentially, The Collective is a group very much along the lines of Skeptics in the Pub groups, apart from being devoted to one primary subject area.

Richard has very kindly asked me to write short articles about pieces of psychological research that interest me; and I am going to reproduce them here. For now though I would recommend anyone who is interested in developing their knowledge and understanding of psychology, both theoretical and practical, to head on over to The Collective’s site and check out their already rather impressive collection of articles, sites and links!




About theoreticalnovelty

Masters Psychology Graduate who researched the short- and long-term memories of my fellow chess players. Interested in reading about philosophy, physics, psychology, religion and alternative medicine. Am a keen and highly enthusiastic member of The Skeptic and Humanist Communities and have been the guest speaker for five 'Skeptics in the Pub' branches and The Humanist Society of West Yorkshire. I am aiming to become much more seriously involved in both the Skeptic and Humanist communities. I am also available to talk to schools, businesses and other organisations on matters relating to psychology, evolution vs. creationism/intelligent design and the role that chess can play in education. If anyone wishes to contact me, they can reach me at, on facebook at and on Twitter under the handle Hoppers163 - I very much look forward to hearing from you!
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