A wealth of video resources – Introducing www.worfolklectures.org

“But as you can see, it is now in my left hand – magic!”

Back in February 2012, I was invited to talk at Leeds Skeptics by the indefatigable Chris Worfolk. One point that I only found out a few weeks prior to the talk was that, if I wished, the talk could be videoed and published online. To my great delight and slight nervousness the video was posted a couple of weeks ago and can be found at http://www.worfolklectures.org/lectures/you-know-less-than-you-think . However, I was also extremely impressed with the entire content of Chris’ website. Chris has uploaded videos from many events including Leeds Skeptics (of which he is the founder), The Humanist Society of West Yorkshire,Leeds Atheists, plus conferences further afield from his native Leeds.

All the videos are produced to a very decent standard and have been well categorised and sub-categorised; and provide the interested viewer with a great wealth of high-quality material on many subjects.

In the short time I have known Chris, he has come across as nothing less than an extremely hard and diligent worker, who is very passionately committed to causes that he believes in.  The video collection at http://www.worfolklectures.org is a tremendous resource; and this website, along with his humanist foundation http://www.chrisworfolkfoundation.org/ is testament to a person who I think has done, and will continue to do, a lot of excellent work for the rational-thinking community.


About theoreticalnovelty

Masters Psychology Graduate who researched the short- and long-term memories of my fellow chess players. Interested in reading about philosophy, physics, psychology, religion and alternative medicine. Am a keen and highly enthusiastic member of The Skeptic and Humanist Communities and have been the guest speaker for five 'Skeptics in the Pub' branches and The Humanist Society of West Yorkshire. I am aiming to become much more seriously involved in both the Skeptic and Humanist communities. I am also available to talk to schools, businesses and other organisations on matters relating to psychology, evolution vs. creationism/intelligent design and the role that chess can play in education. If anyone wishes to contact me, they can reach me at paul.hopwood@gmail.com, on facebook at www.facebook.com/paulmarkhopwood and on Twitter under the handle Hoppers163 - I very much look forward to hearing from you!
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